Phillip Van Hooser works with organizations to build leadership bench strength, performance and productivity. 

Phillip Van Hooser, MBA, CSP, CPAE, Leadership Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Author

Phillip Van Hooser works with organizations that want to build leadership bench strength, performance and productivity.

From his work in Human Resources/Safety to his leadership in the boardroom to his experience as a leadership training expert for top U.S. companies, Phil knows what it really takes to successfully lead people.

His knowledge and practical experience help organizations large and small improve communication skills between employees and superiors, manage conflict, confrontation and change, prepare for succession planning and create a culture of continuous leadership growth.

His clients run the gamut from Alliance Coal and Crocs to REEBOK, Wells Fargo and Westar Energy.

Leaders Ought To Know: 11 Ground Rules for Common Sense Leadership, Van Hooser's latest book, is a must-read for leaders feeling the pressure to perform.

A member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, Phil is the concept director behind Leaders Ought to Know®, a comprehensive leadership training program which incorporates online and onsite leadership training to transform and sustain leadership growth.


Thank you so much for returning to Key to once again help us equip our leaders with the necessary tools and motivation to navigate through tough economic times. I have received great feedback from members across the CSG teams. Personally, I appreciate how well you relate to us and the challenges we face. There is always some nugget of wisdom that our situation...that is invaluable!
— Carol Hinckley, Senior Vice President, KeyBank
The feedback we received was the best we have ever received from our group. They walked away with so much good information to help them on their personal leadership development. Everyone thought he was a ‘rock star!’ They wanted more... everyone wanted him to speak all day.
— Kim Bender, Senior Vice President, F.F. Properties, L.P.
You were definitely a hit with the entire audience! My guess is you had close to a 100% approval rating. I have never heard that much positive feedback or excitement about an outside presenter at Lilly. The areas that you focused your presentation on were spot on...
— Terri Roberson, Senior Director, Operations, GR&ED, Lilly Research Laboratories, Eli Lilly Company

Offered Programs


There are just some things every leader ought to know - how to earn an employee's respect, how to be truthful and how to make good decisions. Leaders should also recognize the bad habits and negative behaviors that can be their undoing. This discussion will help new leaders, mid level managers and executives understand the ground rules of leadership. Start doing more of the right things while sidestepping the common leadership mistakes that are the downfall of many.


Is the "good enough" mentality costing you money, market share and reputation? Each day, employees, managers, executive and leaders at all levels -- regardless the industry -- make choices that speak volumes about their professionalism. Choices and actions that either say, "I am a professional" or "I think I am good enough to get by." The unprofessional, "good enough" mentality is a costly one for individuals and the organizations they represent. Set your organization ahead of the competition by showing them 1) the value of guarding their reputations 2) how to solve problems rather than assign blame 3) why integrity cannot be compromised -- ever 4) how to reverse the negative habits of whining and whispering 5) the personal and professional costs of immoral or unethical choices and 6) that perfection is impossible -- but excelle and continuous improvement are essential.


All facets of organizational operations are impacted, positively or negatively, by a leader's ability to communicate. Customers are won or lost, employees are encouraged or demotivated, personal networks are expanded or extinguished - all by how well one communicates. Phil will share communications strategies for earning trust, reining in "brutal honesty," listening actively to improve connections, rebuilding the believability quotient when truthfulness has not always been practiced, delivering difficult messages with honesty and sensitivity, and delivering the message even when others aren't cooperating.


Everyone recognizes the importance of good decision making skills for leaders. But have you ever known a leader who was hesitant to step up and make a decision? Was it because she was in over her head? Did he just not care about the outcome? Probably neither. Most leaders struggle with critical decision making for one primary reason-they've never learned a solid process for making sound decisions. This fast-paced, practical discussion will teach you a sure method for decision making including a checklist for earning respect, key risk elements to consider as well as five bases for decision making success.


Successful business leaders recognize that service performance is a critical function of leadership. When these six secret service techniques are applied to their own enterprises, executives, managers and front line staff find that they are able to enhance their own performance while building meaningful, loyal customer relationships.

Training Topics:

Many organizational struggles are directly related to leadership. It is often said that some people are "born leaders" but it is also true that, given the right skills and knowledge, leaders can be made. Phillip Van Hooser's in-depth leadership development training teaches the practical skills of leadership with a method that produces immediate results.

Phil will customize his training to meet your organization's specific needs and challenges. He can offer a one-topic workshop or a multi-session training course that is applicable for leaders in any industry.

Leadership development topics include:

  • The Fundamentals of Supervision
  • Understanding How to Lead
  • What Really Motivates Your Employees
  • How to Be Respected, Trusted & Viewed as a Professionalism
  • Communication Skills for Leaders
  • How to Build Work Teams That Work
  • How Leaders Manage Stress & Change