"What If...?" Carnegie Hall and Las Vegas Headliner teaches possibility thinking... "how to get to YOUR Carnegie Hall"

Mike Rayburn is a three-time Carnegie Hall headliner, Las Vegas headliner, a member of the Speakers Hall of Fame, and the Speakers Roundtable.  In his award-winning keynote, "What If...?" Mike uses amazing guitar and hilarious comedy (instead of power point!), to teach the three tools that took him from playing for seven people in a bar in Virginia, to Carnegie Hall.  They work for anyone, in any career, always.  Mike gladly tailors his message to your needs and the theme of your conference.  This is how you get to YOUR Carnegie Hall!

As an innovative business owner, Mike has been featured in Newsweek, USA Today, Billboard, Gig, and Successful Meetings magazines.  He has also headlined in Las Vegas, and currently performs 90-100 programs every year for corporations, associations, churches, and college "Family Weekends."  Mike's message is universal, and he will tailor it for your organization.

Mike Rayburn's keynote"What if...?"

This hilarious, musically amazing keynote is best used for opening or closing a conference, or as an energy blast midway.  Your attendees will become "Possibility Thinkers!"  They will learn...

  • Three simple, powerful tools they can use immediately and forever to access their goldmine of unrealized potential.
  • The most powerful motivational force on this planet! (hint... it is not power, money, or fame).
  • The most basic human brain function and how to harness it for powerful change.
  • That managing change is not only stupid, it's dangerous. The only way to manage change is to create change... to define the curve rather than follow it. They'll learn how to do that.
  • How to set goals which take you or your organization beyond what you've imagined is possible.
  • The power of a sense of purpose and how to determine if your purpose in life is over.
  • A simple, powerful 10-minute exercise which will show you how to become the best... a virtuoso, a master of the things that truly matter.

Mike also performs pure entertainment with no business message, for after-dinner, awards shows, churches, etc.


The feedback from the attendees was unanimous: ‘This was the best Opening Session I have ever been to!’ We wholeheartedly recommend you to any meeting planner looking for fun, laughter, and a great message from a unique speaker.
— Meeting Professionals International
I’ve worked with a great many performers over the last 20 years of doing
this; some with much greater marquee value, but the ease of integration into the meeting, the quality of performance and Mike’s comfortable, easy style made this one of the best talent experiences I’ve ever had. Great work!
— Discover Card

Offered Programs

"WHAT IF..."

Mike Rayburn's "What If...?" Experience inspires innovation, re-awakens attendees' natural creativity, re-news and harnesses their sense of life purpose, opens their minds to all they never knew was possible, and exhorts everyone to become the best at what they do, a master of the things that matter.

The message is simple, powerful and memorable like a great song hook that your team will learn and repeat throughout the conference. Oh, and it's hilarious!


Mike Rayburn has an amazing new, high content, high energy breakout session called "How To Get To YOUR Carnegie Hall... Become a Virtuoso!"  You and your attendees will learn how to get to the top one percent of your field, the secrets of MASTERY.  There are very specific habits, choices philosophies and attitudes that top performers have and others don't.  You will learn not just what these are but how to apply them to your life and career.  While this session is fun and engaging, it is high content about how to live a life of excellence, to develop the habit of greatness, to demonstrate mastery... to become a VIRTUOSO!  And while it is high content, Mike will demonstrate application of these principles by performing one guitar piece, the most challenging piece he's EVER played on guitar:  A solo guitar arrangement of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.