Attitude Expert and "Seriously Funny" Motivational Humorist

A well-developed sense of humor is essential for success in our high stress, ever changing, and demanding world of business.  John Wagner has made humor his business, his SERIOUSLY FUNNY business. John is a humorist and professional speaker who has helped thousands across the USA laugh and learn to use humor to thrive in our challenging times.  His client list includes P&G, St. Elizabeth Hospital, Sara Lee, IBM, IRS, Honda, Toyota, Fidelity Investments and numerous schools and associations.  John has real world experience using the management and therapeutic value of humor as a licensed clinical counselor, reality therapist, college faculty member, and former college Dean. John Wagner is Seriously Funny, and he provides FUN-damentals for our success.


Your ability to combine incredibly funny stories and a message relevant to our success really made a positive impact on our sales representatives.
— Greg Goold, American Modern Insurance
I was most impressed, not only with your interaction with the audience, but also with the passion of your message. You truly got our conference off to a great start. With long term care being such a stressful and serious issue.
— Kelli Marsh, Omnicare Pharmacies


(NEW!) CLOSE THE GAP!: The Difference Between Here and There is Not Just the "T"

Come prepared to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be!  The secrets of building into ourselves and building into others will be revealed, allowing you to design the legacy you want to leave.    If you are ready to take yourself lightly while reaching serious goals then this SERIOUSLY FUNNY program is for you! Presented with optimistic humor, you will be entertained, enlightened and empowered!

(NEW!) ENGAGING SUCCESS: Out of the Zone Networking

Have you ever found yourself not taking full advantage of networking opportunities? Or, have you ever wondered how you could encourage your attendees at a conference by allowing them to become power networkers? John "Wags" Wagner presents a high energy program to help us use the positive power of humor to break through our comfort zones so we can effectively engage with others and reach our true potential.  

Apply the following takeaways in future networking experiences:

  • Recognize the outskirts of your comfort zone and learn to give yourself permission to engage
  • Learn how to receive by the act of giving
  • Learn how to manage anxiety and fear to promote positive behaviors that will lead to positive outcomes

Humor Helps You Thrive on CHANGE

Avoid the burnout and stress of change. Humor helps you overcome the fear of failure, find balance, lighten up, loosen up, and experience joy. Learn to thrive in our turbulent times.

Serious FUN-damentals for Success

Put the positive power of humor to work to improve your health, motivation, relationships, communication, attitudes and actions. These improvements will help you find success and may even force success to find you.

Inject Humor - Enhance Healing

Use humor's therapeutic power to improve both your health and happiness. It will supercharge your immune system, reduce pain, relax you, and empower you to truly live with purpose. Injecting humor can help heal you and help you heal others.

Teaming With Humor

Humor and play will enhance teamwork and team efficiency. Humor is a powerful relationship building tool and is an essential part of effective team building. Learn to energize yourself and your team using the positive power of humor.


Find balance with humor by learning to take yourself lightly while taking your job of serving the customer seriously. Humor is a powerful conflict resolution technique. Joy and profit result when you have fun delighting your customers.

Choice: Your Personal Power Tool

This Seriously Funny workshop shows you how to use the power of choice to manage, sell, teach, and serve people so everyone experiences the fun and joy of winning. The only person you can control is you, but you can influence others. Choosing humor as a response can positively and powerfully influence others.

EDUCATORS - Take Your Job and Love IT

Humor can energize the teaching and learning environment, and help educators fall in love with their important work. Humor helps us reach them so we can teach them.