Customer Loyalty, Business Growth Speaker focused on the power of Relationships

A twenty-plus year experienced speaker focused on helping people find success in customer acquisition and retention, develop rewarding relationships with others, and accomplish goals. Jeff Peden works with business development teams and organizations that want to capture the hearts of their customers and keep them coming back for more.

This is accomplished by developing high-value relationships with customers, employees, and strategic partners that empower you to leverage the goodwill, strength, and support of these relationships.

If you're an organization that wants to grow your business, achieve your goals, and create a win/win environment for your company, your employees, your customers, and your strategic partners, then you've found a resource dedicated to your success.

Every program incorporates the high-value principles of integrity and developing mutually beneficial relationships that leads to sustainable long-term growth and above average earnings and profits. You even get to have fun in the process!

About Jeff Peden:

Jeff Peden has spoken to thousands of people over the last 20-plus years, helping them find success in customer acquisition and retention, developing rewarding relationships with others, and accomplishing goals. While his background is primarily in the business arena, he also has graduate degrees in Training and Development and in Counseling.

Jeff focuses on helping people turn ideas into results. His down-to-earth message can be applied at once by anyone who is willing to work toward becoming happier and more successful every day.

Jeff has worked with both large and small companies. He has owned his own business and taught at the post-secondary level. He now devotes his time to speaking and working with others. Jeff's "Moment of Success" can be heard on radio station WKJK 1080 in Louisville on Monday evenings at 6:00pm.

He is a member of the Radcliff Rotary Club, the National Speakers Association, Past President of the Kentuckiana Chapter of the American Society of Training and Development, and Board Member of the University of Louisville Library System and Vine Grove Chamber of Commerce.

Jeff lives in Radcliff, KY with his wife Nancy. He enjoys golfing, fishing, hiking in the great outdoors, and winter evenings in front of the woodstove with a really good book.


Wow! What a great presentation. We got rave reviews on you and our entire NAFIC National Conference. Thanks again for your help. I’m so proud of you.
— William D. “Bo” Keltner, Modern Woodmen, 2009 NAFIC National President
I have been in banking for over 18 years and I left the session with new skills that I can immediately put into place, not only professionally but personally. I highly recommend Jeff to any organization looking to help their employees and business grow. His enthusiasm is absolutely contagious.
— Mary Young, Vice President, Cecilian Bank
I just wanted you to know your program, “How to Network and Build Relationships” for Louis T. Roth & Co. CPA’s was excellent. A year later, the associates still talk about its impact. We all—even the seasoned ones—learned a lot. You excelled
in your approach to the topic!
— Sandy Ringer, Strategic Consultant, President, Business Visions

Offered Programs

The Biggest Payoff (New!)

The Biggest Payoff delivers the core fundamentals of what it takes to outperform your competition in customer attraction and retention, growth, and profitability. This program focuses on how organizations can win the hearts of their customers by revealing:

  • The One Rule that creates the biggest payoff for long-term success (It's not profits!)
  • The Three Purposes for your business and your life
  • The five Questions every customer has about you and how you must answer them
  • Your Part of the Bargain that must be delivered
  • Leadership Initiatives that drive the Biggest Payoff

By implementing these strategies, your organization can expect increases in:

  • Customer loyalty and repeat business
  • Referrals
  • Sustained business growth
  • Employee teamwork, enthusiasm, and cooperation
  • A shared sense of vision and organizational commitment

The Power of Relationships

The Power of Relationships examines how to initiate and sustain long-term customer attraction and retention, achieve consistent organizational growth, and improve profitability. This can be accomplished by developing and internalizing two core strategies :

  • Focusing on the thoughts, beliefs, and actions that empower individual success and creates a sense of personal accountability and ownership; and
  • Developing high-value, long-term relationships with customers, team members and strategic partners that maximizes the goodwill, strength and support of these relationships

This one-hour keynote or two-hour workshop provides the keys to:

  • Establishing the thoughts and beliefs that lead to success
  • Create enthusiasm, cooperation, and ownership at every level of your organization
  • Master the secrets of successful relationships
  • Sustain long-term organizational growth and success

By implementing these strategies, your organization can expect:

  • more customer attraction and retention
  • more referrals
  • more sustained business growth
  • more cooperation, teamwork, and results from staff

Dump Your Cold Calls for Hot Prospects

Dump Your Cold Calls for Hot Prospects supplies specific strategies that get your Business Development personnel spending more time in front of qualified prospects. Cold-calling is a frustrating experience and typically leads to only a 5% closing rate. What would it mean to your organization if your Business Development team's closing rate significantly improved and they added more new business month after month?

This two-hour workshop gives your team the tools to:

  • Spend their time in front of qualified prospects
  • Increase their Closing Ratio from 5% to 30-50%
  • Consistently add more new business with higher margins month after month
  • Develop and manage effective referral sources
  • Focus on generating the two types of referrals that lead to more sales
  • Create and participate in a Referral Partners Group that generates qualified referrals for every member

By implementing these strategies, your organization can expect:

  • more enthusiasm and confidence from your Business Development team
  • more qualified referrals
  • more consistent sales and higher margins month after month
  • more fun and less stress accomplishing your business development goals

How Two Ears $ell More than One Mouth

How Two Ears $ell More than One Mouth provides a confidence-building approach to business development in the 21st Century. Prospects have become indifferent to presentations where they do all the listening, or worse, resistant to sales techniques that often put them on the defense. Instead, would your customers be interested in a new way of achieving their business goals by partnering with your company? It would help them make better decisions for their business while earning you their trust (and repeat business, higher margins, and more referrals!)

This two-hour workshop gives your business development professionals the strategies and tools to:

  • Conduct a business development conversation in a respectful, straightforward manner that establishes appropriate expectations and leads to a clear "Yes" or "No"
  • Ask the right questions to discover what the customer really wants and is willing to buy
  • Obtain the information needed to write proposals that deliver exactly what the customer wants, and helps them say "Yes"
  • Close business at higher margins by focusing on customer-requested value, not price
  • Build long-term relationships, vendor value, and customer loyalty

By implementing this approach, your organization will benefit directly from:

  • more new business at higher margins
  • more referrals (and a better reputation)
  • more repeat business
  • more confident, enthusiastic and competent business development professionals representing your organization in the marketplace