R2 Impact collaborates.

We thrive on partnering with clients who want their meeting or event to achieve lasting results.

From first inquiry through the “post-mortem”, R2 offers creative ideas and solutions, and premier customer service to deliver them.

We equally thrive on harnessing the powerful impact of the best speakers and entertainers for our clients. We represent speakers who have not only something to say, but who are passionate about how they say it - because it matters. Our entertainers capture the imaginations of audiences not just because of their talent, but because their talent is fueled by the commitment to making a difference.

We equally thrive on harnessing the powerful impact of the best speakers and entertainers for our clients.

Through the production of live events and workshops, R2 Impact will seek to bring together our speakers’ passion and the greater community who need to hear them. Connecting purpose and passion is the only route to changing the world.

Whether booking a speaker, arranging for entertainment, needing another set of eyes in looking at meeting or educational design, or wanting to take in live events that will inspire and motivate… R2 wants to collaborate with you.

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Jim Rittenhouse,
Principal Collaborator

For more than 23 years, Jim Rittenhouse has helped connect amazing people who are also amazing presenters to clientele across the globe. He has had the privilege of working as personal production manager and booking agent for Dr. Carl Hurley (as well as his opening act), and to be manager and then owner of McKinney Speakers Bureau. Along the way, he has been humbled to work alongside phenomenal clientele who have allowed him to offer expert recommendations of the world’s most amazing speakers and celebrities - from Ken Burns to Scott McKain to the amazing Gladys Knight. A classically trained baritone, Jim also enjoys singing career with regional professional orchestras and choral organizations, and is Associate Music Director at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Louisville, KY. He and partner-in-all-things-wonderful, his wife Janet, have two grown children, Katie and Anna whom they know are their offerings of greatest impact to the world.